Family studio


Nestled in the heart of Donoussa’s Iliovasimena village, our family studio exudes Cycladic charm and tranquility. Whitewashed walls adorned with vibrant blue accents welcome you into a cozy haven filled with warmth and cherished memories. Inside, sunlight dances through windows, illuminating the rustic yet inviting living space where laughter and shared meals abound. The open layout seamlessly blends living and sleeping areas, offering a versatile space for family bonding. Outside, a sun-kissed terrace boasts panoramic views of the azure sea, inviting moments of relaxation and reflection. Here, amidst the beauty of Donoussa, every moment is a cherished treasure in our family’s island sanctuary.


Quote of the day

In the embrace of the Cyclades, every sunset paints a masterpiece on the canvas of the sky, a symphony of hues that whispers tales of ancient myths and timeless beauty.