Where the azure waves kiss golden shores, where sunsets paint the sky in hues of fire, where tradition dances in every dish, and where the warmth of its people envelops you like a gentle embrace.


exploring the emerald of cyclades

Positioned east of Naxos and north of Amorgos, its settlements—Stavros or Kambos, Messaria, Mersini, and Kalotaritsa—each exude their unique charm.

Donoussa, a small paradise nestled amidst nature, offers a perfect retreat for those seeking a beautiful holiday away from the bustle of city life.


Stavros village, the island’s largest village and main port, captivates with its picturesque Cycladic allure.Here, amidst its winding streets, visitors discover a vibrant hub boasting shops, taverns, supermarkets, and traditional eateries. Overlooking the village stands the quaint church of “Panagitsa,” offering breathtaking panoramic views.

Stavros boasts a bustling sandy beach, easily accessible and renowned for its cleanliness despite its harbor location. However, Donoussa isn’t just about Stavros; it features three more enchanting villages. Messaria, nestled in the island’s southern expanse, charms with its quaint allure just 2 km from Stavros. Mersini, a rural gem perched atop a hill, treats visitors to panoramic vistas of the Aegean, while Kalotaritsa, 10 km from Stavros, beckons with its idyllic church of Agios Georgios and inviting azure waters.

Donoussa promises serene holidays, offering a fusion of sea, mountain, and delectable local cuisine. With numerous beaches dotting its coastline, including the popular ones like Stavros Beach, Kalotaritissa Beach, and Kedros Beach, visitors can indulge in endless seaside bliss. Beyond its shores, Donoussa boasts notable landmarks such as the Tichos Cave, Fokospilia, and ancient settlements, along with churches like the Holy Cross and Panagia.

Connected by sea to ports like Piraeus, Amorgos, and Santorini, Donoussa invites travelers to embark on a journey of discovery and relaxation amidst its pristine beauty and rich heritage.


Quote of the day

In the embrace of the Cyclades, every sunset paints a masterpiece on the canvas of the sky, a symphony of hues that whispers tales of ancient myths and timeless beauty.